MOVE by Tracey McDonald offers Whole-Being Movement services for Kids, Adults, and Families.

Whole-Being Movement is a way of living & learning in our mind, body, and spirit. It is an intentional and reflective practice that engages the mind in motion, explores the heart with opportunity, and experiences the spirit with unlimited possibilities.

Wherever you are at, whatever your options are, whoever you choose to be, Whole-Being Movement encourages presence in the journey, oppose to relief through a destination.

About Tracey McDonald 

Tracey is a Movement Coach and Yoga Therapist specializing in mental health, physical well-being, and spiritual development for Kids, Adults, and Families. Tracey’s life work is to reveal opportunities for people to engage their mind, to explore their heart, and to experience unlimited possibilities.

For Tracey, movement is the skill of living and learning in our present states of being: mind, body, and spirit. It is embracing the wholeness of of our stories and choosing to move through personal discovery with an adventurous and playful perception.

Tracey believes that the stories of our life creates opportunities for every person to engage, explore, and experience who they truly are and what they are truly meant to be and do, in this world. She believes that living and learning our stories creates flexibility in our perceptions; joyfulness in opportunity, and authenticity in our lifestyle and willingness to become whole.

The services that Tracey provides reveals opportunities for people to embrace their life journey by engaging where they are at, exploring what their options are, and experiencing who they choose to be. Her passions are driven by years of travel around the world, by relationships with family and friends, and by her personal growth and discovery through the practice of Yoga. Her hope is that by realizing our Whole-Being, we can find truth within ourselves, our social structures, and the world around us.

Tracey is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, as well as with the Canadian Yoga Alliance as a Prenatal, Kids, and Adult Yoga Teacher. Tracey lives in Canada with her handsome hubby and beautiful baby girl.


For more information:
phone 289-893-2420


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“Taking time for myself is difficult. I’m a mom, a wife and acaregiver to my father. I’ve only begun on this journey. Tonight I did a posture I thought I would never get, and tonight it happened. Tracey is awesome and supportive and if you ever get a chance to try yoga, she’s the person to go to!”

Kimberley Kefmpt-Taffe

Mom, Caregiver, Bowmanville, ON

“Your presentation was amazing. It was exactly what I was looking for.”

Volunteer Week, Jill Passmore, Oshawa Museum

“My two kids attend Tracey’s Yoga for Athletes class and absolutely love it. They can’t wait for Saturday to come and they adore Tracey. Yoga has brought so much to their life. They are both in hockey and this has helped them so much with their ability to focus. I also believe that not only do they find it fun but it has helped them relax with their hectic hockey schedule. it has helped them have better quality of sleep and has reduced my son’s frequency of migraine headaches. I would highly recommend Tracey and her programs! Thank you Tracey!”

Parent, Michelle G, Oshawa

“I was a client a New Awakenings Treatment Centre in Port Perry for 30 days. During my treatment program we had Yoga sessions which helped us learn techniques to deal with Stress Management. I had never taken Yoga classes before but after working with Tracey, our Yoga instructor I learnt the breathing techniques and Yoga positions which helped me relax with mental and physical stress I was experiencing. The days that Yoga was on our schedule they became my favorite days of the week. After taken Yoga in the afternoon the rest of the day I felt stress free. I have lower back problems and my back never bothered me after class on those days. I will be continuing my Yoga practice now on a regular weekly schedule. I highly recommend Tracey as a Yoga instructor, especially for beginners like me as she made me feel very comfortable and not intimidated.” New Awakenings Client, Kirk

MOVE has been doing classes for teachers at Clarington Central SS since October! We love it! MOVE has awesome teachers — patient, encouraging and quick with modifications as needed. The classes are a great mix of mindfulness and yoga which are accessible to anyone!”

Heather N

High School Teacher, Bowmanville, ON